The Company

Gen Nine develops state-of-the-art, hardware and software solutions for healthcare applications. Working at Gen Nine means applying your passion and intellect to help solve some very challenging technical problems and thereby create some of the most advanced products in the world. If you’re interested in working with small teams of highly talented and motivated engineers seeking to make a difference in the world, Gen Nine may be the place for you.


This position is based in the vibrant Cincinnati area. Our offices overlook the spectacular Cincinnati skyline and are within walking distance to downtown shopping, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment, waterfront parks, major league sporting venues and are less than a 20-minute drive to CVG, an international airport.


We are looking for a creative scientist/engineer who is interested in applying their expertise in Biomechanical or Biomedical Engineering to develop advanced systems and products for the long-term care setting. Responsibilities will include developing biological computer simulations, develop systems that measure physiology, capture motion, perform gait analysis, and collect, process and analyze sensor data - as part of multiple full-time, multi-year research and development projects funded by the National Institutes of Health. This is a paid, full-time, onsite position.

Skills, Experience and Q

The ideal candidate will have biomechanical or biomedical research experience, be a passionate engineer/scientist who is comfortable in the hardware and software worlds with an advanced degree in Biomechanical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering or another closely related field.

    • Programming skills in Python, C++, Tensorflow, PyTorch, CUDA and/or similar languages.
    • Familiarity with Deep Learning tools and processes used in 3D Computer Graphics, and Animation.
    • Experience with sensors and sensor systems especially millimeter wave sensors.
    • Relevant research experience and publications.
    • Be capable of developing effective techniques and infrastructure, from the initial idea to prototypes and products.
    • Have experience with cloud environments and multi-machine setups.
    • Enthusiasm and the ability to participate in a small-team environment in order to solve interesting and complex problems, with or without supervision.
    • Ability to think entrepreneurially and innovate in a real-world environment.
    • A PhD. In Biomechanical or Biomedical Engineering is preferred, but will consider an advanced degree in Mechatronics, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Electrical or Computer Engineering, with appropriate experience.